Will Vendor Lock In Destroy Your Projects?

Will Vendor Lock In Destroy Your Projects?


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Vendor lock in is something that everyone complains about. I can’t browse Stack Overflow without seeing questions from someone using a vendor like Firebase or Auth0 and all the answers are people telling them vendor lock in is terrible and they should code everything by hand. In this video I talk about my opinions on vendor lock in and why it is not something you need to worry about.

🧠 Concepts Covered:

– Why vendor lock in is not bad
– When vendor lock in could be a problem
– What vendor lock in is

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⏱️ Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – What Is Vendor Lock In
01:54 – Benefits Of Using A Vendor
03:06 – Vendor Specific Features Are Good
04:35 – Swapping Between Vendors Is Not Usually Needed
05:31 – When Vendor Lock In Is Bad
07:21 – Conclusion

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