Visual Studio Code Full Course – VS Code for Beginners

Master Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and increase your programming productivity. You will learn the basics of VS Code along with tips and tricks to become a super user. You will also learn how to install and use common extensions for JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

Course from Bitfumes. Check out the Bitfumes YouTube channel:

Famous Themes
Tokyo Night
Github Theme
Material Theme
Darcula, Dracula
Shades of Purple

Extensions Reviewed
ES6 for javascript
React extensions
php intelliphense
Confirm quit
chrome debuggerphp-cs-fixer
bracket pair colorizer
npm intellisense

Course Contents
(00:00:00) Course Intro
(00:02:37) Install and Setup
(00:09:58) Material Theme
(00:19:45) Some Awesome Themes
(00:24:16) Minimal Screen (Hide sidebar & Activity Bar)
(00:38:03) Line Height & Cursor
(00:42:47) Master Explorer
(00:51:03) Power of Breadcrumbs
(01:00:26) Code Snippets
(01:10:02) Tab Mastery
(01:17:51) Select code with Keyboard
(01:31:00) Goto Line and code folding with keyboard
(01:38:35) Multicursor with Keyboard
(01:44:38) Format on Save, Whitespace and Wrap code
(01:49:21) Terminal Mastery
(02:01:03) Firacode Font and Ligature
(02:06:39) Split Editors
(02:08:24) Refactoring with vscode
(02:13:08) HTML & emmets
(02:22:51) css and bootstrap
(02:28:11) Git support on vscode
(02:34:57) Emoji Sense
(02:36:55) Share code on twitter
(02:38:57) Markdown Mastery
(02:47:37) Intellisense for JavaScript
(02:53:19) Add any cdn from cdnjs
(02:55:34) Bracket Pair Colorizer
(02:57:16) Javascript with eslint, prettier, Intellisense & chrome debugger
(03:23:45) Python Jupytor notebook, eslint, prettier, debugger & intellisense
(03:40:48) PHP, Laravel, PHP-cs-fixer
(04:01:51) vscode confirm quit
(04:03:21) vscode setting sync native
(04:10:36) vscode setting sync extension
(04:16:58) Gradient Cursor & vscode css

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