Social Media Manager Q&A | Getting a Day Job? + Lead Generation for Freelancers

Social Media Manager Q&A | Getting a Day Job? + Lead Generation for Freelancers

Would I ever get another social media manager day job? How do I generate leads for my freelance social media management business? Answering all that and more! Here’s my brand new social media strategy course:

My Freelance Social Media Manager Course
HubSpot Academy Courses
How to Build a Social Media Manager Portfolio

What I Wish I Knew Before Freelancing

Seagate Hard Drive
Tips for Hiring an Intern or VA

LinkedIn for Freelancers

New Video on My "Just for Fun" Channel

00:16 – Would you ever go back to being a staffer?
02:18 – What’s your process for creating a social media strategy?
04:04 – What free training do you recommend?
04:45 – Can you give me a checklist of things I need before I launch my business?
05:55 – How do you prove results for clients?
07:08 – What stock image sources do you recommend?
07:43 – What is the biggest lesson you learned going freelance?
08:50 – How do you manage your time?
09:55 – Tips for the client onboarding process?
10:57 – Do you have to have a college degree?
11:55 – How do you keep up with social media trends?
13:29 – Work equipment and external drive setup?
15:11 – What to know before hiring your first contract VA?
15:58 – Best lead generation tips and tricks?
17:00 – How to start when you only have one thing in your portfolio
18:33 – How do you prioritize work throughout the day?
19:50 – What software do you use for your business?
20:20 – Advice for getting started on Upwork?
20:44 – Skills needed to become a full-time SMM?
22:07 – Is the social media industry over saturated?
24:01 – How much should you train your clients on social media?
25:50 – Do you have suggestions for courses?

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