Precalculus Course

Learn Precalculus in this full college course. These concepts are often used in programming.

This course was created by Dr. Linda Green, a lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Check out her YouTube channel:

(0:00:00) Functions
(0:12:06) Increasing and Decreasing Functions
(0:17:35) Maximums and minimums on graphs
(0:26:38) Even and Odd Functions
(0:36:12) Toolkit Functions
(0:43:18) Transformations of Functions
(0:55:48) Piecewise Functions
(1:00:19) Inverse Functions
(1:14:34) Angles and Their Measures
(1:22:47) Arclength and Areas of Sectors
(1:28:39) Linear and Radial Speed
(1:33:02) Right Angle Trigonometry
(1:40:38) Sine and Cosine of Special Angles
(1:48:41) Unit Circle Definition of Sine and Cosine
(1:54:11) Properties of Trig Functions
(1:04:50) Graphs of Sine and Cosine
(2:11:23) Graphs of Sinusoidal Functions
(2:21:36) Graphs of Tan, Sec, Cot, Csc
(2:30:29) Graphs of Transformations of Tan, Sec, Cot, Csc
(2:39:02) Inverse Trig Functions
(2:48:49) Solving Basic Trig Equations
(2:55:49) Solving Trig Equations that Require a Calculator
(3:05:44) Trig Identities
(3:13:16) Pythagorean Identities
(3:18:37) Angle Sum and Difference Formulas
(3:26:33) Proof of the Angle Sum Formulas
(3:31:09) Double Angle Formulas
(3:38:39) Half Angle Formulas
(3:44:50) Solving Right Triangles
(3:51:24) Law of Cosines
(4:01:24) Law of Cosines – old version
(4:09:44) Law of Sines
(4:17:34) Parabolas – Vertex, Focus, Directrix
(4:29:24) Ellipses
(4:40:33) Hyperbolas
(4:54:23) Polar Coordinates
(5:01:55) Parametric Equations
(5:13:22) Difference Quotient

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