Practical Things I Like: Caraa Non-Medical Masks
caraa mask review universal brights
These cheerful 😊 masks by Caraa are the most comfy masks I’ve found.

These masks by Caraa (a New York travel bag company) are THE BEST masks I’ve tried since March, and I’m not just saying that because the colors are conducive to matching with eyeshadow and eyeliner, hahaha!

I got these after a recommendation from a friend who, using “The Patented Mom Scientific Method” (LOL), ordered several masks from a ton of different brands and had her kids be guinea pigs try them out. Based on all of the masks they tested — and there were a lot of them, apparently! — the Caraas won. The kids *and* adults loved them particularly because of how comfy they are.

coco caraa kids mask

coco caraa kids mask

After wearing them for a couple weeks, I completely agree. These are fabulous! The best masks I’ve found…which is a sentence I’ll filing away in my “Sentences One Does Not Expect to Write, Ever” and “Things One Says During a Pandemic” folders.

Customizable to fit your face

The secret sauce is how adjustable they are!

Each mask has a lightweight, bendable wire tucked into the top seam that rests on the bridge of your nose, and it holds the masks firmly in place so they aren’t constantly slipping down your face.

That’s just the start of it though.

The loops that go around your ears also have these plastic pincher things that toggle up and down the loop so you can easily tighten or loosen them to fit.

caraa universal mask adult

The masks themselves are double layer 100% cotton and sufficiently breathable without being flimsy. The cotton on the inner portion feels slightly thinner than some of the more robust masks I’ve tried, and I’ve read that the inner layer wicks away moisture. I’ve definitely noticed that, compared to other masks I’ve worn, the Caraas feel less humid and damp after wearing them for a while, and my glasses don’t fog up as much as they do when I wear other masks.

caraa universal mask adult
The inner lining

I guess I have a weirdly shaped head or lopsided ears or something because this is the *only* mask I don’t feel the need to constantly adjust every few minutes. I pop it on, and it stays put for hours, so I’m free to go forth on my merry way spreading glittery sparkly joy. No, really though…I’ve used masks that’ve been too hot or too tight or rubbed up against my chin, or they caused my glasses to fog up and therefore left me extremely crabby, but that never happens with the Caraas!

caraa mask review filter pocket
Pocket for an insertable filter, if you’d like to use one

Other key deets

  • Two sizes are available: a smaller size for kiddos and a larger adult size for your big ol’, full-grown human visage, and they’re sold in a pack of five masks for $25.
  • They’re non-medical grade (so you should opt for a different mask if you’ll be performing open heart surgery), machine washable and reusable.
  • A portion of your purchase goes toward New York City COVID relief efforts
  • And um…just in case you were wondering, the packaging says to *not* place masks in the oven or the microwave (WEIRD)
  • The kid-sized mask is recommended for children three and up.
  • The masks include a pocket to insert a disposable filter if you want, which Caraa sells too.

Plus… they’re pretty!

Like I mentioned earlier, they come in a bunch of different colors, but there’s also a five-pack in basic black, if that’s your thing.

I got the Universal Brights for me, which comes with masks in Fuschia (a warm red), Apricot (a yellowish orange), Canary (a goldenrod), Avocado (a lovely baby poo khaki!) and Lagoon (a greenish blue). For CoyCoy, I picked the Warm Colors, which include Lemon (a cheerful yellow), Lavender (a mellow pastel purple), Olive a khaki), Strawberry (a warm red) and Pink (a pale, warm pink).

I also like that the cotton has a slight sheen, but it’s not obnoxiously shiny.

If you’re interested, you can find Caraa masks online. Highly recommended! I’m actually thinking about buying some packs for mom and dad, and my brother and his girlfriend, too. I like ’em that much.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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