Learn useContext In 13 Minutes

Learn useContext In 13 Minutes


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In this video I cover everything you need to know about the useContext hook. I go over all the main use cases for useContext as well as many common mistakes that developers make. This is part of a series of React videos where I cover all the important hooks in React.

šŸ“š Materials/References:

useContext Blog Article: https://blog.webdevsimplified.com/2020-06/use-context
React Hooks Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlA0Gpn_vH8EtggFGERCwMY5u5hOjf-h

šŸ§  Concepts Covered:

– How to use hooks in React
– How to use context values in React function components
– How to use the useContext hook

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