Karaoke Smart Speaker with Touch Screen and 2 Wireless UHF Microphone by bizkaffee.com

Supports android system, YouTube and can connect Wi-Fi smartly. You can search video, film, music.
Do everything you need with just the buttons on your speaker. With English voice guidance, you can easily get what you need. Further more, you can adjust any of the player functions on remote control.
15″ HD Screen gives you more good experience when searching online by Wi-Fi, YouTube. It also supports Android system. It’s a smart multi function speaker. Go: bizkaffee.com #BluetoothSpeaker #KaraokeSpeaker #FreeShipping #BitcoinsOnlineStore #BitcoinAcceptedHere

Trolley and Wheels Design

For such big Karaoke speaker, the trolley and wheels design is warmer for you. It’s the best choice for you to take outdoor party.
Built in wireless Microphone receiver. It allows you to project your voice and music across a group of 500 people clearly and loudly.
Professional wireless microphones provide clear voice, good sound quality, and stable signal transmission via UHF band channel.
Warm design to store microphones on the back panel of the speaker.

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