Junior Vs Senior Code – How To Write Better Code As A Web Developer – React

Junior Vs Senior Code - How To Write Better Code As A Web Developer - React


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Writing code is easy. Writing clean code, though, is much harder. In this video I take a look at three different React code examples from a beginner, intermediate, and advanced web developer. The goal of this is to show you how a senior developer will think while programming and how they will structure their code to be as clean and well-written as possible.

šŸ“š Materials/References:

GitHub Code: https://github.com/WebDevSimplified/Noob-Vs-Pro-Code
Pass By Reference Vs Value: https://youtu.be/-hBJz2PPIVE
Derived State Article: https://blog.webdevsimplified.com/2019-11/never-store-derived-state

šŸ§  Concepts Covered:

– How senior developers think
– How to use React state properly
– How to use React useEffect properly
– What to think about when programming
– The differences between senior and junior developers

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ā±ļø Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – State Mistakes – Noob
01:50 – State Mistakes – Advanced
04:06 – State Mistakes – Pro
06:34 – Effect Mistakes – Noob
10:34 – Effect Mistakes – Advanced
12:21 – Effect Mistakes – Pro
14:27 – List Mistakes – Noob
17:16 – List Mistakes – Advanced
20:10 – List Mistakes – Pro
21:36 – Outro

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