Interview prep questions and answers for Cyber Security Jobs (+Q&A)

In this video, I explain how you can prepare for a job interview in CyberSec

What is on your home network?
What is the difference between a threat, a vulnerability, and a risk?
How do you go about securing a server?
What port does ping work over?
What is the difference between encoding, encrypting, and hashing?
What is SSL?
What are the differences between HTTPS, SSL, and TLS?
What sorts of anomalies would you look for to identify a compromised system?
If you had to both compress and encrypt data during a transmission, which would you do first?
How would you strengthen user authentication?
How would you defend against a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack?
What are the differences between cybersecurity in the cloud and on premises?
What does RDP stand for?
What is the difference between UDP and TCP?
What is a traceroute?

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