How To Design A YouTube Clone With HTML/CSS

How To Design A YouTube Clone With HTML/CSS


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One of the best ways to improve your CSS skills is to clone existing websites. In this video I will be cloning the YouTube home page with just HTML and CSS. This clone is not 100% exactly like the YouTube homepage, but it is 95% the same which is good enough when you are creating a clone with the sole purpose of learning.

šŸ“š Materials/References:

GitHub Code:
attr Blog Article:
Emmet Tutorial:

šŸ§  Concepts Covered:

– How to use CSS grid
– How to use flexbox
– How to get high quality icons for free

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ā±ļø Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Demo
01:28 – Video Section HTML
06:26 – Videos Section CSS
20:43 – Categories Section HTML
22:40 – Categories Section CSS
26:40 – Header Section HTML
30:51 – Header Section CSS
36:01 – Outro

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