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MIAMI — Depending on who you ask, the Rays will open the 2021 season Thursday either fiercely driven by last season’s loss to the Dodgers in Game 6 of the World Series or setting aside that remarkable run as little more than a pleasant memory.

The answer also might depend on when you ask.

At the start of spring training, second baseman and team MVP Brandon Lowe said the loss to the Dodgers gnawed at the players throughout the offseason just as being ousted by the Astros in the 2019 Division Series motivated them heading into 2020.

“I know two years ago when we lost to the Astros, that left a real sour taste in our mouth,” Lowe said in February. “Honestly, this last year I think having that sweetness of being into the World Series and just the way it ended and not being able to celebrate did the same thing for us.

“There’s not a person in here that’s not itching to get back into that situation. Everything about it. It was a blast that we were able to play that long. It was great to get that experience. But there’s not one person that’s okay with how things ended. Everybody wants to get back and prove that we belong and we can actually take one home.”

A week ago, Lowe was asked a similar question and said the Rays need to move on.

“You can’t really look back on the last year,” he said. “I think everybody in the locker room, new and old, we know what happened last year. We understand where we were at and how close we were to coming home with the championship. There’s not a person that wants to look back on Game 6 and relive that experience. We’ve been there. We had the experience. Flush it. We’re looking forward to this year and getting back in that same situation with a different outcome.”

That’s not to say Lowe changed his mind. For a lot of players, the answer to the either/or question was “both.”

Which illustrates the straddling the Rays are doing entering this season, trying to find the motivational balance between the success they experienced last year — which included winning the American League East for the first 10 in years before ousting the Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros in the playoffs — and the frustration of falling just short of their ultimate goal.

“Just to clear the air, we’re not disappointed at all with the way last season ended,” said centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier, the longest-tenured Ray. “Obviously we didn’t want to come up short, but we accomplished way too much to be disappointed about anything. … To be one of the last two teams standing is something to be very proud of.

“I’m not saying it’s okay to finish as the runnerup. We did not want it to end like that. But we got beat fair and square by a better team in that series, so to speak. And I know it motivated a lot of our guys.”

For that reason and others, the Rays are confident they can avoid the potential pothole of resting on their 2020 laurels, getting complacent, assuming that winning last season (in an abbreviated season) has any currency in this one.

Shortstop Willy Adames is certain that with a mostly young core of still relatively unproven (and low-salaried) key players, that isn’t a concern — and they can prove the experts picking against them wrong again.

“The guys have the same mentality this year — that’s big for us. They’re trying to get better,” Adames said. “That’s what I like about this team. We’re still hungry. We’re still young. We’re still trying to win.”

The last and only other time the Rays reached the World Series, in their 2008 breakthrough season, they took a big step back the following year, finishing third and missing the playoffs.

This year’s group isn’t worried about a similar drop-off despite the loss of top starters Charlie Morton (option declined) and Blake Snell (traded) and spring injuries that will sideline reliever Nick Anderson, first baseman Ji-Man Choi and outfielder Brett Phillips.

“We have to appreciate and recognize what 2020, all the smiles and excitement it brought to us, and hopefully our fans as well,” manager Kevin Cash said before Wednesday’s workout.

“But we’re 2021 now. I think you cherish those memories, but at the same time we’ve got work to do. The players recognize that. It’s a very similar position-player core that is here. The pitching has changed a little bit, but not too much. So we feel we’re a very, very good team.”

For those who view it as motivation, the frustration of 2020 is available.

“We’ve been there, we’ve tasted it and it’s a sour feeling,” infielder Mike Brosseau said. “Everybody talked about the regular season, and it was a fun season. But (winning the World Series) is the ultimate goal, and you fall short. You’re so close. I don’t think sleeping on it eases the pain whatsoever. The easing of the pain is to get back out there and get back into it.”

• • •

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Many things in life can make you unhappy, more so those touching on financial, mental, and emotional factors. For many, it’s not always easy to find a way to address these issues. For example, problems related to emotional, mental, and financial health may force you to find a way to destress or get rid of them altogether.

The good news is that one known way to achieve this fete is by meditating. Meditating enables you to change your outlook on life, and when done correctly, it can help you regain your happiness. Unfortunately, not all meditation programs manage to achieve the desired results or even offer consistent results to their followers.

Those who have experienced inconsistent results in the past should consider taking a look at the Genie Script program. In this review, We will be sharing a detailed look into what it is, what you ought to know, and why you should be investing your time and money into it.

Additionally, it will also address some of the questions that could be bothering you.

The Genie Script: What Is It?

Mediation serves several functions, the top among them is to open your eyes to everything the world has to offer, and the second being to expand your awareness. Through its techniques, you get to make a review of your life by looking at where you are right now and comparing it with where you would have liked to be.

The exercise allows the mind to train its focus on a given goal, thereby boosting your chances of achieving that goal. Though Genie Script may appear like a cheesy name, the program has been designed by Wesley Virgin. Designed to ensure that those who follow it get better to manifest their financial, mental, and emotional status.

It exists in various formats, e.g., audios, videos, and eBooks. Wesley intends his work to help you in the same way that a genie would, hence the program’s name. Using the internet-based program enables you to get a positive mindset that leads to achieving your goals and desires.

In giving the program this name, Wesley was attempting to state that you’ll begin to receive manifestations that will ultimately make all your dreams a reality after using them. Wesley is a self-made dollar-millionaire who attributes his success and wealth to mind hacks. He states that manifest hacks have helped turn some of his ideas into extraordinary success stories.

Apart from creating this program, Wesley is also the visionary behind Virgin Media, a firm located in Houston, Texas. Information from one news post suggests that he can generate as much as $30 million per year from mind hacks executed through online promotions and advertisements.

Over the years, he has continued to assist aspiring entrepreneurs confined in certain mindsets to realize their potential and make the best use of their available time and resources.

Advantages of Success Meditation

Overcome Addiction: Individuals battling addiction issues should consider deliberating through meditation. The techniques taught in this program may alter the brain’s receptors that are commonly associated with drug addiction. In the process, they get to reduce the need to use addictive substances to function. Meditation has also proven beneficial in preventing addicts from relapsing, thanks to their therapeutic nature.

Enhanced Memory Functions and Learning Abilities: Meditation techniques rejuvenate the various parts of the brain linked to learning, concentration, and recall. Apart from this, the process assists in increasing mental agility and activity.

Increases Attention Span: In one self-care review, the author mentioned that a certain study established that meditation could boost a person’s attention span. The session’s duration doesn’t matter, as even the briefest of sessions can train your wit to remain at attention by creating discipline and encouraging resilience. Moreover, the process can serve as a powerful tool that you can rely on to train your brainpower to focus on the tasks ahead of you.

Prevents Pessimistic Thought Loops: It’s not uncommon for one’s thoughts to routinely fall into negative loops. Often, the loops will lead to a person recalling negative things such as frustrations and mistakes. If allowed to go on for too long, they can reduce your self-confidence and become a hindrance to achieving the objectives you have set for yourself. You can use meditation to break this negative thought loop.

Enhances Self Awareness: By meditating, you get an opportunity to come to terms with who you are as a person and reveal your hidden capabilities. Through it, you get to go through a self-inquiry phase, which is meant to understand better who you are and who you want to become. Routine meditation makes it easier to analyze your self-efficiency and get to learn your limitations. With time, it becomes easier to develop better problem-solving skills.

Tap into Your Creative Side: When meditating, you get to learn how you can open up your mind to begin accepting new ideas. It’s a process that switches your mind’s ability to undertake divergent thinking, which is nothing more than your everyday brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, the techniques you’ll learn will allow you to concentrate on the tasks ahead as you attempt to develop practical solutions for each of them.


Wesley’s Thirty-Day Meditation Program

Many individuals who have tried the thirty-day program prepared by Wesley state that they have found a successful manifestation program that allows them to achieve their goals. You can expect to find the following in this thirty-day program:

Access to Wesley’s Private Community on Facebook: A private Facebook community has been included in this program. The community allows you to connect with individuals who share a similar vision or objective as you. Additionally, you can also share photos, videos and post them on its wall. You can use the group to gain inspiration from others’ results, enabling you to focus on the thirty-day program.

A 4 x 10 Weekly Meditation: The program comprises ten-minute sessions where Wesley teaches tips you can use to master particular meditation methods. For every weekly program, you’ll find that it consists of four, ten-minute sessions.

EBooks: Reading is considered a therapeutic activity. As you read a certain novel, you are likely to become so engrossed in the unfolding events that you end up forgetting about everything occurring around you. It also becomes hard to track time. It’s the best indication of being focused on one task. Reading exciting news or a great book from your favorite author allows you to focus on yourself. Going through the EBooks provided in this meditation program will work in the same manner. Additionally, taking your time to go through the books will ensure you remain focused as you learn how to manifest your financial, mental, and emotional status in a better light.

Video training covering the five meditative states: The key to getting a good meditation exercise is to make sure you are well-versed with the process. Start by understanding that the brain has five states:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Theta
  • Delta
  • Gamma

Wesley takes you deeper into each state as he explains the benefits accrued from getting into each and explaining the results you stand to see.

Investing in this package will come with several extra bonuses that include:

Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios: It’s a bonus that enables the brain to focus as it listens to meditation audios. The process allows it to concentrate even when your body is in an unconscious state. Through it, you’ll be better positioned to manifest your desires as you walk about completing your daily tasks. Walking meditation enables a person to remain aware of their surroundings even as they walk. It makes them have a wakeful presence and make use of their movements to foster mindfulness. Walking allows a person to connect with their surroundings. As you walk, make it a point to conduct a body check to determine how you feel and ensure you retain a good posture. In time, it will make it possible for you to maintain a comfortable and steady rhythm as you walk and breathe normally.

Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track: The bonus is designed as a straightforward binaural beat track that helps engage your brain using a unique state of manifestation. It does this by listening.


Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises: Meditation experts believe that your third eye is one of the most extensive knowledge sources. It’s what they call the Chakra. Nonetheless, not every person has it open, thereby leaving it dormant. A sure way to open the third eye is to meditate. Its development allows the body to connect with its spirit and to enable it to strengthen its manifestation and psychic abilities. As it develops, it becomes easier for a person to handle daily stress while at the same time achieving greater self-awareness. Other benefits of opening it include getting a profound emotional mastery and achieving a higher state of consciousness.

Kundalini Touch Exercise: It comprises an exercise that consists of energy, a mantra, and sound healing. The three assist in arousing profusion beliefs that enable a person to manifest their physical desires more rapidly.


Genie Script Program Benefits

The Genie Script program by Wesley Virgin allows its users to learn many special skills and features. Users begin by attaining mental clarity by following a step-by-step blueprint. It’s an essential skill that every person needs to learn, especially if they want to overcome life’s challenges. Through this program, you get to do away with the main factors known to contribute to a negative and dangerous mindset. The factors that make it impossible to achieve your goals.

Secondly, you get to learn how you can go after opportunities that are both lucrative and productive. Often, these opportunities are all around you. It becomes easier to go after them as you begin to feed your mind with materials that will allow you to become successful. In the course of the program, you’ll get to learn some of the secrets that Wesley uses when he wants to condition his mind.

Thirdly, the meditation program will enable you to start reasoning efficiently and suitably. It’s what will help you revive your outlook on life, leading you to become happier and content with life. Once the supernatural third eye becomes activated, your spirit and the inner person will become one and remain intact.

You will magnify your psychic and manifestation capabilities through time, making it possible to know yourself better. Your mind will become engaged as you learn to take advantage of the binaural beat track bonus.


Downsides to the Genie Script Program

The huge success of this program has led to the emergence of frauds who are not only trying to take advantage of people but who have also managed to make lots of sales. Many individuals have lost their hard-earned money after being duped into joining fake sites being run by these frauds.

Following this program, those following this program have posted their success stories accompanied by their reviews on the official page. They’ve also been asking those who want to try it out to exercise caution even as they seek to join this thirty-day program. It’s recommended to undertake research and do some extensive reading on the program before making any commitment.

It’s important to note that this program doesn’t exist in a physical format!

How to Buy the Genie Script Program

As we have mentioned above, this thirty-day program only exists in digital format. Therefore, for those that would like to buy it, they should make sure they have a good internet connection.

You can get this product by visiting the official website, where customers will find the price has been lowered to $47.00. It’s also the portal to visit if you would like to enjoy the limited offers.

DigiStore24 Inc 360 Central Avenue Suite 800St. Petersburg, FL 33701 United States

Payment for the program can be made using popular options such as PayPal, VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase this digital product and it fails to impact your life, you can request a refund. Its creator states that the refund policy provides for a sixty-day one hundred percent money-back guarantee.

You’ll need to contact the customer support team for you to initiate the refund process. Make sure to include your contact address, name, and phone number in your email. The team will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding using this product.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Motivation is central to good business. It is what drives workers to get the job done. In the current crisis, motivation is even more important than before. Employers need to find ways to keep their employees engaged and productive to see them through the pandemic.

This is no easy feat. COVID-19 has forced organisations across many sectors to hastily implement remote working en masse. Many managers and employees will be working from home for the first time and perhaps struggling to adjust to the new normal.

Remote working presents several threats to productivity – chief among them being the implications of social isolation and work-life balance. How then can employers help their teams manage time and maintain productivity levels? Here are five things leaders can do to motivate their remote workforce.

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Communicate effectively

Communication is by far the most important variable to nail when managing a remote workforce7. It lays the foundation for all collaboration, strategy, and success. It makes organisational priorities clear and sets the agenda ahead. Beyond this, it keeps workers feeling connected and not isolated.

Team leaders should aim to be as clear as possible, to ensure that their workers are completely aware of what is expected of them. Ensure they understand:

  • The objectives for the short term, and the long term.
  • What projects need doing, alongside their deadlines.
  • At what times they need to be available, so they can work around other private life commitments, such as family, groceries, etc.
  • Who to contact for support.

At the same time, leaders should emphasise to employees where they stand in the context of the wider issues facing the business, and communicate their value in this context. In doing so, will make them more engaged.

Scheduling regular team meetings – supported by online project management boards – are excellent ways of keeping team members in touch and up to date with progress, as well as providing a medium to discuss ideas and strategy. Managers might also adopt one to one video check-ins to discuss goals, personal performance, and work-life balance, to ensure no worker feels left behind.

Ultimately, it’s paramount your communication strategy doesn’t simply succumb to the position of a bulletin board. Involve your employees in these trying times. Be approachable and stay open. Be clear about the support available to them while working from home. If employees are left feeling they aren’t supported – especially in circumstances such as these – they are likely to become overwhelmed, which will reflect negatively in their work.

Celebrate achievements

Positive employees perform better. It is extremely important that leaders keep spirits elevated, and in this present situation, it’s never been more important. A great way to do this is to celebrate employees for their successes.

Workers that continue to work hard, without being acknowledged for their work, risk becoming distant. By recognising a job well done, minor victories, or how one member of your team has supported another, you give employees continued reason to work hard. There are several ways you can demonstrate recognition. For instance, you could give congratulations in video meetings, or a company newsletter, or an HR portal. You could also consider reward incentives, such as learning and development courses, hobby/lifestyle classes, vouchers from online stores, and the like.

Help define the boundaries

Working remotely has been found to contribute to higher levels of stress – which impacts both motivation and performance. This can be down to a number of reasons, but most notably relates to the challenge of maintaining work-life balance, as the line between personal and work lives becomes blurred.

Encouraging employees to establish effective timekeeping – such as setting a schedule or routine, as well as setting a designated work area – will help them not only help them focus on their work but also their out-of-work commitments. Beyond this, employers should also accentuate the importance of taking regular breaks, undertaking physical activity, and shutting off work communications outside of office hours. All these initiatives help remote workers take the time to re-energise, which will reflect positively in their work.

Continue professional development

Providing training opportunities is among the top things that employees report make them perform better and feel more motivated. Employees that feel they aren’t equipped with the right skills or know-how to approach a project may feel overwhelmed, or suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’ – a massive impediment to motivation. Working from home, where employees may feel cut off from the support that naturally results from working near others, only intensifies such anxiety.

Employers that take the initiative, and ask their staff if they have the skills they need to do their job, will run into fewer problems. Encouraging staff to pursue learning not only gives people a break from daily tasks, but it also evidences the organisation is truly committed to their development and sees them as a valuable asset in the business.

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Be flexible to employee needs

It’s critical to understand that some employees will simply require more time to adjust to the new normal than others. Recognising that each employee is in unique circumstances, working in a unique environment, is extremely important. Issues beyond work can and are negatively impacting employee engagement across organisations.

Showing compassion and flexibility in these difficult times can be the difference between a demotivated and an engaged workforce.

Motivation is critical to the initiative and quality work. By staying on top of what keeps your workforce engaged, by communicating effectively and by providing support where things get tough, you can rest assured the bulk of your workforce remain stimulated – regardless of where they work.

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Many businesses turned to remote workers to continue their operations after states issued stay-at-home orders to reduce COVID-19 infections. It’s a trend that is likely to continue long after the coronavirus is controlled.

To help companies ease the transition online, USC researchers studied the challenges to increasing the use of crowdwork — a manifestation of the gig economy in which companies offer ad-hoc, mundane tasks to prospects via a website. The move minimizes disruptions that organizations would experience as a result of COVID-19 or other crises.

The study, conducted in September through a collection of task responses via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform, shows that workers will need more autonomy over tasks and a clearer sense of purpose to perform often mundane work at a high level — advantages that AI assistance offers.

We need to improve crowdwork and make it more efficient.

Gale Lucas

“Crowdwork functions similarly to Uber, but it is used to perform online tasks like clean data, train artificial intelligence and moderate content,” said Gale Lucas, research assistant professor at the Institute for Creative Technologies at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

“As unemployment rates continue to skyrocket, it will likely become even more popular in serving as a stopgap during the current shutdown and as the economy changes due to COVID-19. We need to improve crowdwork and make it more efficient, which could involve new types of supervision assistance using AI.”

The findings were presented May 11 via the International Conference On Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in New Zealand. A video presentation is be publicly available.

Algorithmic management contributes to crowdwork

With the continuous development of AI technologies, employees and gig workers increasingly encounter software algorithms that assist in assigning their work. Many tasks performed by managers — such as hiring, evaluations and setting compensation — will increasingly use AI as a tool to help perform these functions.

These newly automated supervisory duties — called algorithmic management — already play a major role at companies like UPS, Uber and Amazon, which outsource tasks to a large pool of online workers.

New research from ICT and Fujitsu Laboratories shows that to enhance worker motivation in a crowdwork environment, worker autonomy and transparency in regard to how completed tasks have been solved is imperative.

Perceptions of autonomy can enhance productivity, especially when the work holds intrinsic meaning for workers, yet crowdwork often seems meaningless. According to the researchers, “More problematically, the meaning of the work is sometimes hidden due to security or experimental control, like when the workers serve as subjects in a scientific experiment. Enhancing user motivation and performance through human-agent interaction is an important challenge, not only for algorithmic management but in other AI disciplines, including educational technology, personal health maintenance, computer games, personal productivity monitoring and crowdsourcing.”

Researchers investigate how to maintain worker motivation

To test the management applications, ICT researchers conducted an online experiment investigating how perceptions of autonomy and the meaningfulness of work shape crowdworker motivation. Yuushi Toyoda, senior researcher for Fujitsu Laboratories, and USC researchers Jonathan Gratch and Lucas examined alternative techniques to maintain crowdworker motivation when their work is additionally managed by an algorithm.

“Given that system designers might be designing autonomous agents that perform some management tasks in the context of algorithmic management, understanding how workers might respond to these systems, especially in remote work conditions, could provide essential guidance for designers,” Toyoda said.

The team found that workers are more motivated when their work has meaning and algorithmic management is framed in a way that highlights worker autonomy. For example, when performing a tedious task like counting the number of infected blood cells on a laboratory slide, workers perform better when they are told about a societally meaningful goal — such as curing an infectious disease — and when feedback supports autonomy with helpful prompts and queries.

Their desire to see the work succeed actually undermined the usefulness of their work.

Jonathan Gratch

“We found that when people knew the goal was to help cure a disease, they actually overreported the number of infected cells. Their desire to see the work succeed actually undermined the usefulness of their work,” said Gratch, ICT director for virtual human research and a USC Viterbi professor of computer science.

In contrast, when the work holds no meaning, productivity is only enhanced when algorithmic management falls back on authoritative managerial control, framing the algorithm as a boss that commands conformity rather than promotes autonomy. That can be a challenge, as it is not always possible to provide the meaning behind a task because this information can sometimes bias results, the researchers said.

The new findings highlight the importance of autonomy and meaningfulness in a crowdwork environment and contribute to the growing body of literature in algorithmic management and human-AI interaction. Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft currently use algorithmic management via an app that gives employees freedom in scheduling and routes, and findings by the USC research team suggest ways such systems can be improved.

USC’s ICT joins entertainment industry artists with computer and social scientists to explore immersive media for military training, health therapies, education and more. Researchers study how people engage with computers through virtual characters, video games and simulated scenarios. ICT is a leader in the development of virtual humans who look, think and behave like real people. Established in 1999, ICT is a U.S. Department of Defense-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center.

The research is supported in part by Fujitsu Laboratories of America and the U.S. Army.

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I had just finished a coaching session with a client who mentioned he was going to convince his team of something. There was a significant pause between us before he said, “Did I say something wrong?” Not really. However, it began our exploration of a method more effective than convincing.

Convincing someone to get on board with an idea or to get them to do something is not as effective as other methods and carries with it an energy that might make the other person become defensive. There are times to use this method, but there are other approaches, such as motivation, that can be more effective while achieving the same result.

First, let’s look at the individual who needs a nudge in some direction. The root issue you are dealing with is some form of resistance.

What brings about the shield of resistance? Change. Most individuals do not like change, especially in the workplace. Here is what a person may be saying to themselves when a change is presented to them:

1. I don’t understand it.

2. I’m uncomfortable with it.

3. I don’t like it.

Understanding which one you are dealing with is paramount to getting past the resistance.

1. I don’t understand it.

For this first objection, you need to take a different approach from retelling the person what you have already said. Retelling them is an effort to convince them. Stepping into their discomfort and exploring what they don’t understand allows you to educate them instead of trying to convince them to get on board with the idea. Once there is understanding, the next step is to motivate them to help you bring the rest of the team on board.

2. I’m uncomfortable with it.

When an individual says, “I’m uncomfortable with it,” they are coming from a place of fear, as you are asking them to step out of their comfort zone. Trying to convince them will only be met with more resistance.

Instead, you need to alleviate their fears by being curious, asking questions, stepping into their shoes and being empathetic to their fears. Stepping into someone’s shoes is the ability to relate to them and opens the door to ease their resistance as they can let their guard down when they feel understood.

When I discussed this topic with a fellow coach, she had a great point: The objective is to change human mindset or behavior. Your job is to inspire and stir something within the other person that compels them to make a choice to change.

3. I don’t like it.

If we consider the third resistance, “I don’t like it,” once again, becoming curious and finding out what they do not like creates less resistance, and in their discourse, there will be an opening to inform and inspire. Remember, you want to discover something within that person that will compel them to make a change.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is change met with so much resistance? To gain a competitive edge, we need to be agile, innovative and flexible, which requires change.” Let’s look more deeply into the “why” of the resistance.

In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman presents two concepts: cognitive ease and cognitive strain. Cognitive strain is when we are learning something new, like a child learning to tie their shoes. We have to pay close attention; we have to apply ourselves and not be distracted in order to gain mastery of this new skill. Once mastered, we can move from cognitive strain into cognitive ease because we can now tie our shoelaces while talking to someone or thinking about our grocery list at the same time.

When change occurs in the workplace, we loathe having to move into cognitive strain. It slows us down, it’s unfamiliar, it’s a challenge, and we basically would rather do what we know and not have to think too much about it.

When motivating versus convincing, you too have to apply yourself and make a change in your approach. Making this change to get someone on board with your idea requires being open to their resistance and to the changes presented. In this manner, everyone makes a shift, moving the organization forward in a healthy and more successful manner. Once resistance is removed, you can motivate so performance is great and retention and engagement improve.

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