Deno Course – Better than Node.js?

Learn how to use Deno in this complete course. Deno is a Node.js alternative created by the same person who created Node.js. In this tutorial course, you will learn how to build real apps with Deno. You will also learn the basics of the Typescript. You will see how to use Deno to build a survey app with a REST API using MongoDB.

Survey application code:

Course from The Codeholic. Check out his channel:

Official Deno website:

Course Contents
(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:02:02) Course overview
(00:04:38) Course Project
(00:05:51) What is Deno
(00:08:19) Course project (Survey app) demo
(00:11:54) Install and Getting started
(00:14:34) Write "Hello World"
(00:15:50) Main Features

(00:17:22) What is TypeScript
(00:24:04) TypeScript Types
(00:37:40) Interfaces
(00:43:46) Classes
(00:48:03) Generics
(00:56:31) Enums

Main features
(01:01:23) Import from URL
(01:02:23) ES6 Modules import syntax
(01:03:01) Top Level await
(01:04:18) Browser API
(01:06:20) Security
(01:16:31) Single Executable file

(01:18:55) Terminal commands
(01:23:52) Standard Library and 3rd party modules
(01:26:31) Create basic HTTP server
(01:32:20) Working with file system
(01:41:55) Using npm packages
(01:45:40) Answers on common questions

Project – Survey app
(01:57:02) Install oak framework and setup basic server
(02:03:41) Install denon for automatic server restart on file change
(02:06:03) Easily manage versions and dependencies
(02:08:06) Organize routes
(02:09:36) Create AuthController and configure Login & Register routes
(02:13:54) Setup connection with MongoDB
(02:19:40) Create User model and implement registration
(02:40:42) Implement login
(02:54:16) Install dontenv and create .env file

Survey CRUD
(02:59:35) Configure routes for Survey CRUD and Create SurveyController
(03:04:52) Create Survey model and implement Survey creation
(03:11:22) Implement get surveys
(03:20:33) Create BaseModel and inherit Survey and User models from there
(03:26:12) Implement to get single survey
(03:31:29) Implement survey update
(03:39:22) Printing application errors
(03:40:26) Fixing problem of "this" binding
(03:44:27) Implement survey deletion
(03:48:52) Create authMiddleware and add authentication to Survey CRUD

(04:07:38) Implement CRUD of questions

Create Website
(04:44:15) Create SiteController and configure routes
(04:47:38) Install template engine and create views
(04:51:48) Render all surveys
(04:55:32) Configure oak to handle static files (CSS, Javascript, Images)
(05:06:05) Write basic styles
(05:07:31) Create and use partial view files
(05:09:30) Implement to view single survey
(05:33:58) Get form submitted data and validation
(05:49:07) Implement displaying validation errors in form
(06:01:45) Implement to save survey answers
(06:14:49) Create a real survey using our survey app

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