Data Analysis with Python: Part 5 of 6 (Live Course)

Data Analysis with Python: Part 5 of 6 (Live Course)

“Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas” is a practical, beginner-friendly and coding-focused introduction to data analysis covering the basics of Python, Numpy, Pandas, data visualization and exploratory data analysis. You can learn more and register for a Certificate of Accomplishment at

⭐️ Resources ⭐️
🔗 Analyzing tabular data with Pandas:
🔗 100 Numpy exercises:
🔗 Discussion forum:

⭐️ Topics covered ⭐️
⌨️ Reading and writing CSV data with Pandas
⌨️ Querying, filtering and sorting data frames
⌨️ Grouping and aggregation for data summarization
⌨️ Merging and joining data from multiple sources

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✏️This course is taught by Aakash N S, cofounder & CEO of – a platform for sharing, showcasing and collaborating on data science projects online
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