Cause of Death: IGNORANCE, Human Behavior in times of PANIC

Go: Since the COVID-19 pandemic started to gain space on the front page of the Mainstream Media and then prompted the “closure” of entire countries, following medieval ways to fight epidemics, as exposed by Donald G. McNeil Jr, on his article published by the New York Times in February 28, 2020 titled: “To Take on the Coronavirus, Go Medieval on It”, several phenomena caught my attention. Some crazy behaviors witnessed first hand and published by news and people made me think: How was it in other Pandemics, on Part One will try to bring light on those past behaviors. On Part Two will browse facts and most amazing behaviors on this actual Pandemic and on Part Three will work on the question: Was this epidemic, with epicenter in Communist Governed China, convenient for other Governments around the globe?.

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Cause of Death: IGNORANCE, Human Behavior in times of PANIC by Juan Rodulfo

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