Clients Say, “I Had A Bad Experience With A Similar Product” And You Say “…”

How Do You Handle The Objection When Clients Say, “I Had A Bad Experience With A Similar Product”? Dan Explains The Exact Language You Can Use. Want To Polish Your Closing Skill And Earn Commissions? Join The Global HTC Community: Objection handling is hard? That’s exactly why Dan Lok […]

If You Want To Build A Better Relationship, Watch This

Want To Build A Better Relationship? Watch This To Discover How. Then Take The Chance To Unlock Your Full Potential In Any Relationship By Getting A Copy Of The Unlock It Book For Free: No matter if it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a business partnership – wealth […]

Esta campaña ilustrada invita a convertirte en un héroe aburriéndote en casa

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 1compartidos La marca de medicamentos Mucinex ha contado con el premiado ilustrador israelí Noma Bar para crear una colección de pósters que hablan sobre la importancia de mantener la distancia social. Bajo el lema «Be a Hero. Be boring», las piezas invitan a aburrirnos en nuestra […]