Multiplayer Snake Game | JavaScript &

In this video we will create a multiplayer snake game using Hungry Turtle Code YouTube Channel: Code: Timestamps: 0:07 – Adrian’s Intro 1:05 – Setting up HTML 2:25 – Setting up the canvas 7:00 – Painting the snake 12:24 – Setting up the socketio server 14:15 – […]

Burnout Signs & How To Avoid It

Burnout is extremely common in programming. Let’s talk about ways to avoid it Adrian’s YouTube Channel: ­čĺľ Support The Channel! Website & Brad Traversy Udemy Course Links: Follow Traversy Media: Tweets by traversymedia Powered by WPeMatico

Machine Learning Crash Course With ML.NET

We will go over what machine learning is, what it can be used for and we will create a model using C# & ML.NET Jon Wood YouTube Channel: Code: Data: ML.NET: Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:20 – What is Machine Learning? 01:05 – Types of Machine […]

JavaScript DOM Tutorial | What Is DOM In JavaScript?| JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners |Simplilearn

The Document Object Model (DOM) of a webpage is created as a tree of objects. Whenever a web page is loaded, the internet browser creates a DOM of that page. This Simplilearn video focuses on manipulating the DOM of a web page in order to give you a better understanding […]

How To Become A DevOps Engineer | DevOps Engineer Skills & Roadmap | DevOps Training | Simplilearn

This video on "How to become a DevOps Engineer" will help you understand the basics of DevOps and who is a DevOps engineer. Then we shall see a career roadmap for a DevOps engineer, followed by the certifications that you can take to become a DevOps engineer. Towards the end, […]