Flutter App with Firebase Authentication and Firestore Tutorial – Crypto Wallet

Learn how to create a full stack Flutter application using Firebase authentication, Firestore, and open source APIs. You will learn to hook up APIs into a Flutter application, use Firebase authentication, and implement CRUD operations with Firestore. The app you will build is a cryptocurrency wallet app. You will be […]

The Importance of Pronouns – Intro to Gender & Sexuality

We celebrate International Pronouns Day on the third Wednesday of October – this year on October 21st! One of the simplest ways to be inclusive to your peers is to use personal pronouns. Not everyone identifies the same, so it’s important to understand and respect personal pronouns (She/her/hers, He/him/his, They/them/theirs, […]

What is Ethical Design?

Get your free trial and take this course today! – http://trhou.se/Ethical-Design In this exciting new course on Ethical Design, you’ll learn about the tremendous responsibility we have when designing and developing technology. Tricky interfaces, dirty data practices, and poorly trained machine learning systems have serious consequences on people and society […]