10 Things to Consider About Your Website in 2019

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on the 10 Things to Consider About Your Website in 2019 You’ve started a business and created your website. But that doesn’t mean your work here is done. Behaviors and trends change, your needs shift, and your website must continue to evolve so that it’s […]

Twitter esta trabajando en una nueva función para editar tweets

En este último tiempo Twitter ha crecido de forma considerable y se ha transformado radicalmente en muchos aspectos. Recientemente nos enteramos de que la compañía estaba probando una nueva etiqueta para identificar el autor de un hilo. Ahora, prepara una nueva función para editar tweets. Durante una entrevista con el […]

Great B2B Content Isn’t Great if No One Sees It: Here’s a Solution

If you want B2B content to be great, across channels you must integrate. In B2B marketing, the expression “great content” should mean relevant, useful and maybe even inspiring information that connects with the intended reader. The problem is, even when business content fires on all of those cylinders it falls […]