Marrying Content with the Customer Journey

Marketing Podcast with Arnie KuennPodcast Transcript On today’s podcast, I speak with Arnie Kuenn, an international speaker, author, and founder and CEO of Vertical Measures. Prior to founding the digital marketing agency Vertical Measures in 2006, Kuenn founded several other businesses, including MediaChoice, an internet startup whose clients included the […]

Why Storytelling Can Help Your Business’ Bottom Line

When you’re thinking about how to promote your business, it can be tempting to focus solely on your products and services. After all, when you boil any business down to its most essential element it is about getting consumers to purchase the product or service that’s being offered. But how […]

Microsoft añade un modo nocturno a su aplicación de correo para Windows 10

Microsoft ha presentado un nuevo “dark mode” (modo nocturno) para su aplicación de correo en Windows 10. El gigante de Redmond lanza una actualización para su app Mail and Calendar que añade un modo oscuro en su gestor de correos. La aplicación Mail and Calendar de Microsoft les permite a […]