How to explore a SERP feature strategy with STAT

Your organic result game is on point, but you’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about SERP features and are curious if they can help grow your site’s visibility — how do you find out? Our SERP Features dashboard will be your one-stop shop for everything feature-related. If it’s the […]

B2B Social Media Shakeup: 4 Developments That Have Caught Our Eye

Following scandal, criticism, and calls for more privacy and relevancy, social media giants are working hard to recapture their original allure as safe communities and conversation destinations. And while platforms are ardently focused on heightening the everyday user’s experience, the movements we’ve seen so far in 2019 signals that B2B […]

Instagram está probando stickers con letras de canciones

Claramente, Instagram ha ingresado en un fuerte proceso de cambios donde podemos presenciar mes tras mes el lanzamiento de diversas novedades, desde las colecciones públicas o la posibilidad de comprar productos sin salir de la aplicación hasta la eliminación del conteo de likes, entre otras características. Y ahora, prepara una […]