Logitech presenta su nuevo lápiz VR Ink Pilot Edition

Si de realidad virtual hablamos, numerosos son los proyectos que distintas compañías han materializado o todavía tienen entre manos para potenciar esta tecnología. Pensemos en las potentes gafas Oculus VR, en Vive Pro, el nuevo headset de VR de HTC o la compra de Lytro, empresa especializada en VR, por […]

B2B Content Not Making an Impact? Try These 7 Underutilized Promotion Channels

Creating great content requires considerable investment, in terms of time, effort, and money. Knowing this, it’s crazy how often I see marketers and brands fail to follow through by promoting their content to the fullest and maximizing its targeted exposure. It literally makes me sad. I’m tearing up as I […]

Sowing the Seeds of Success: 3 Elements of Strong B2B Influencer Relationships

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Effective B2B influencer marketing is rooted in building lasting relationships. The premise is simple: When brands invest time, effort, care, and money (when it makes sense) to cultivate partnerships rather than one-time or “on-my-terms” engagements, industry influencers and experts are far […]