Celebracion Independencia de Venezuela a cargo del Comité Fiestas Patrias de Charlotte

El Comité de Fiestas Patrias de Charlotte, celebra por 6to año consecutivo la Independencia de Venezuela, así como la de todos los Países de Centro y Sur América, junto con otro conjunto de Actividades Culturales Latinoamericanas. Esta celebración se llevará a cabo via ZOOM el dia 5 de Julio de […]

Java JDBC tutorial – Java Database Connectivity | Java Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

This JDBC tutorial will help you understand the fundamentals of JDBC and provide you with a practical explanation for a better understanding of this Connector. In the current IT world, there is a never-ending process of information exchange between the data sources and applications. JDBC acts as the most reliable, […]

Scrum vs Agile | Scrum And Agile Difference | Agile Scrum Master Training | Simplilearn

Agile methodology is a collaborative and flexible approach used to accomplish tasks more efficiently. It focuses on making teams flexible enough to make changes in a project as needed. Scrum methodology is an agile framework that facilitates collaboration and efficiency in software development and testing. Join this live session to […]

Qualitative Risk Analysis | What Is Qualitative Risk Analysis? | PMI-RMP Course | Simplilearn

This video will help you know how to perform Qualitative Risk Analysis. How to identify critical ridk factors and tools and techniques required to document the result of the Analysis. #QualitativeRiskAnalysis #WhatIsQualitativeRiskAnalysis #PMIRMPCourse #Simplilearn ✅Subscribe to our Channel to learn more about the top Technologies: https://bit.ly/2VT4WtH ⏩ Check out the […]