What You Can Learn From The Twitter Hack

🚨 IMPORTANT: Auth0 Hackathon Signup: https://a0.to/hack-wds Recently, Twitter was the victim of a $100,000+ hack that effected hundreds of users. While you may think this was the cause of some clever computer programmer hacking into Twitter’s defenses, in actuality, this hack was caused by Twitter’s own internal development tools. These […]

React Trivia With James Q Quick

🚨 IMPORTANT: James Q Quick React Course: https://learn.jamesqquick.com/react-and-serverless-fullstack-web-development/g8eim Skip The Rules: [2:10] In this video I have the pleasure of quizzing James Q Quick as the third guest on my trivia show called Who Wants To Be A Megabit. This episode was a blast to record and is full of […]