How to Guard Your Google Business Profile from Becoming a Running Joke

When customers walk into your place of business, phone you, or reach out to you via email or social media with a question that’s clearly a lead, you’d never, ever answer: “Who knows?” But it’s exactly this, and several related scenarios of absurdity, that have resulted from Google positioning itself […]

Una pastilla de jabón para prevenir el cáncer de mama

El cáncer de mama es una de las principales causas de muerte en mujeres de todas las edades en los países del este. La detección precoz es esencial a la hora de tratar esta enfermedad, ya que incrementa notablemente las posibilidades de recuperación. La situación en India es realmente preocupante […]

The Relationship Between SEO and Social: It’s Complicated … and Complimentary

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are often viewed as two disparate components of a holistic digital strategy. In some ways, they are distinct, but there is far more convergence and crossover than we’re often led to believe. I find that looking at one side through the lens of […]

10 Smart Question Research Tools for B2B Marketers

Getting to the heart of the questions most important to your potential audience is an unbeatable path to providing best-answer solutions. Let’s look also at why question research is such an important facet in marketing, and some of the primary ways to uncover precisely what people are using search engines […]