Digital Marketing News: B2B Video & Social Usage Studies, LinkedIn’s Brand Refresh & Photo Tagging, Growing Digital Ad Sales

Social Media Usage Statistics for 2019 Reveal Surprising ShiftsA look at the latest Edison Research and Triton Digital Social Habit study shows largely unchanged social media usage over the past four years, growth for Instagram among young Americans, a drop in Facebook’s popularity, and several other statistics of interest to […]

Trust Fractures: How to Avoid Accidentally Eroding Your Brand’s Credibility

Recently, we’ve been running a series of posts here on the TopRank Marketing Blog called “Trust Factors,” where we explore techniques that modern brands can use to build trust and credibility with digital audiences. There are numerous examples of companies building trust with best-answer content and boosting credibility with influencer […]

Transcript of Taking Relationship Marketing to the Next Level

Back to Podcast John Jantsch: This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is brought to you by ZeroBounce, an email validation system that integrates with all the major ESPs to make sure, hey, your mail doesn’t bounce. Check it out at John Jantsch: Hello, and welcome to another […]

Microsoft Edge Chromium ahora es compatible con Windows 7, 8 y 8.1

Microsoft amplia la compatibilidad de su navegador Edge (basado en Chromium) a Windows 7, Windows 8 y Windows 8.1. Durante años Internet Explorer fue el navegador insignia de Windows. Pero, con la llegada de Windows 10 Microsoft decidió que era tiempo de jubilar a su viejo browser y empezar de […]