Así es como un mensaje de Ed Sheeran se convirtió en un anuncio de ketchup Heinz

A Ed Sheeran le gusta tanto el ketchup Heinz que hasta lo lleva tatuado en uno de sus brazos. Esta afición por la salsa de tomate llevó al cantante a mandar un mensaje privado a la marca para proponerles una idea para un spot basada en su propia experiencia. Y […]

Q2 Wrap-Up: Top Changes & What’s Ahead For Marketers

We’ve made it through the second quarter of 2019, one filled with many important B2B marketing changes and several unexpected twists and turns that will all combine to affect how the industry moves forward as we enter Q3 and push ahead to 2020. Q2 saw several exciting shifts in entirely […]

AMP’d Up for Recaptcha

Beyond search Google controls the leading distributed ad network, the leading mobile OS, the leading web browser, the leading email client, the leading web analytics platform, the leading free video hosting site. They win a lot. And they take winnings from one market & leverage them into manipulating adjacent markets. […]

All Links are Not Created Equal: 20 New Graphics on Google’s Valuation of Links

Twenty-two years ago, the founders of Google invented PageRank, and forever changed the web. A few things that made PageRank dramatically different from existing ranking algorithms: Links on the web count as votes. Initially, all votes are equal. Pages which receive more votes become more important (and rank higher.) More […]