The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur Reading: October 10

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur – October 10 It’s time for another episode of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. Once a week, I’m sharing a reading from my new book, due out in October 2019. The book is structured around 366 daily meditations for entrepreneurs. They begin with […]

How to Focus on High-Value Work

Marketing Podcast with David FinkelPodcast Transcript Today on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I speak with business coach and author David Finkel. He is the founder of Maui Mastermind and the author of several books, including his latest, The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, […]

Featured Snippets: What to Know & How to Target – Whiteboard Friday

Featured snippets are still the best way to take up primo SERP real estate, and they seem to be changing all the time. Today, Britney Muller shares the results of the latest Moz research into featured snippet trends and data, plus some fantastic tips and tricks for winning your own. […]

El casco para ciclistas más seguro del mundo actúa como un airbag para la cabeza

La marca sueca Hövding se ha propuesto solucionar dos de los problemas con los que se encuentran los ciclistas cuando suben a su bicicleta. El primero (y el más importante) es la seguridad y el segundo es la comodidad, ya que hay ocasiones llevar un casco en la cabeza no […]