How To Design A YouTube Clone With HTML/CSS

🚨 IMPORTANT: Free CSS Selector Cheat Sheet: Learn CSS Today Course: One of the best ways to improve your CSS skills is to clone existing websites. In this video I will be cloning the YouTube home page with just HTML and CSS. This clone is not 100% exactly […]

Build a Blog With Next.js & Ghost

In this video we will build a simple server-side rendered blog with Next.js and the Ghost CMS for the backend. Codedamn YouTube Channel: Codedamn Platform: Code: TimeStamps: 00:00 Introduction and overview 00:46 Project Intro 02:48 Setting up Next.js 07:57 Setting up Ghost CMS 13:33 Content API Overview […]

Build a Gym Website Using The Tailwind Starter Kit

We will use the Tailwind CSS Starter Kit and modify it into a gym website. You will learn about Tailwind CSS utility classes. We will also implement the AOS (Animation on Scroll) library for animation Code (Get Images there): Creative Tim Starter Kit: AOS Library: My Tailwind CSS […]

The New Era of Negative Campaigns

Negative campaigns—or campaigns that work by painting opposing candidates in a negative light—have been used for decades. But today, thanks to information that can be gained from social media, these campaigns may be even more effective at influencing us than before. Hosted by: Hank Green SciShow has a spinoff podcast! […]