How To Turn Garden Weeds Into Meals | Basic Instincts | WIRED

You know those plants and weeds you see every day growing outside your home? They may not look like much, but if prepared properly, they can be transformed into a delicious and nutritious meal. Dr. Bill Schindler, a chef and professor of archeology and anthropology at Washington College, explains how […]

Russell Crowe Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

‘Unhinged’ star Russell Crowe answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself. What is Russell Crowe doing right now? How old was Russell when he made ‘Gladiator’? What band was Russell in? What color are his eyes? What did he win an Oscar for? Russell answers all these questions and […]

What Is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?| Scaled Agile Framework Tutorial | SAFe Explained|Simplilearn

In this video on the Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. We’ll be covering the following topics: 1) Why do we need scaled agile? – 01:28 2) Challenges to scaling agile – 04:27 3) Frameworks to scale agile – 06:15 4) […]

Polymorphism In Java | Java Polymorphism Explained | Java Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

Polymorphism is one of the simple yet effective ways of designing software. This feature enables programmers to create an object that could take up multiple forms. This video on Polymorphism in Java will provide you with detailed knowledge about the concept of Polymorphism in Java. ✅Subscribe to our Channel to […]