5 Common Objections to SEO (& How to Respond) – Best of Whiteboard Friday

With marketing budgets taking a hit under the economic strain of COVID-19, advocating for the value SEO can bring to a struggling business is a new take on an old battle. This popular Whiteboard Friday episode by Kameron Jenkins covers five common objections you’ll hear to SEO and how to counter them […]

Three Steps to a Better-Performing About Page

Somehow, many businesses I’ve come across online have one glaring problem in common: a very weak and unconvincing About Us page. This doesn’t make any sense in my mind, as the About page is one of the most important brand assets, and unlike link building and social media marketing, it […]

Airbnb se reinventa y lanza nuevas experiencias online enfocadas en la accesibilidad

Airbnb, uno de los servicios que sin dudas también se ha visto afectado por la pandemia del coronavirus, acaba de anunciar que lanzará más de 20 nuevas experiencias en línea que han sido diseñadas teniendo en cuenta las necesidades de accesibilidad: yoga sentado y una clase de cardio boxeo descrita […]