Always-On Influence: Why B2B Needs Brand Research & 11 Must-Ask Questions For Marketers

What is brand research and why is it an important step in building a successful always-on  B2B influencer marketing program? What are the key facts you need to learn about a brand that will lead to the creation of a strong ongoing influencer program? Doing brand research right is crucial […]

Aplicaciones alternativas a Zoom para realizar videoconferencias

Debido al aislamiento social y obligatorio provocado por la pandemia del coronavirus o COVID-19, los encuentros virtuales se convirtieron rápidamente en una necesidad y aplicaciones pensadas para las videollamadas, charlas grupales y demás, pasaron a escalar en el ranking de descargas. Pero no todo se resume en Zoom o Google […]

5 Ways to Make Brand Social Media Profiles More Compelling

As a concerned consumer, I have to admit that I’m ambivalent about social media. On the one hand, it keeps me connected with friends and family. And it provides a platform for those whose voices have been marginalized. On the other hand, it can be a 24-7 outrage machine where […]

9 Steps to Creating a Landing Page That Reads Your Prospects’ Minds

So you’ve decided to create a landing page to promote your new product or service. But how do you know if your landing page will convince your readers to convert? There are a number of things you can do to ensure your readers are enticed by your landing page and […]