El trabajo invisible de las madres: el que nadie ve, pocos valoran y tanto nos agota

Hace unos días leía un debate en redes sociales sobre el trabajo invisible de las madres; ese que nadie ve y muy pocos valoran, pero que agota y desgasta como ninguno. Además, y aunque es un trabajo imprescindible para el día a día de la familia, sientes que nadie es […]

The Campaign Comeback: What to Do When Content Fails — Best of Whiteboard Friday

We’ve all been there: you plan, launch, and eagerly await the many returns on a content campaign, only to be disappointed when it falls flat. But all is not lost: there are clever ways to give your failed campaigns a second chance at life and an opportunity to earn the […]

The Real Short-Term and Long-Term Results of Content Marketing and Digital PR

One of the best ways (and in my opinion, the best way) to earn top-quality links is to create your own studies, surveys, reports, etc., and pitch them to online publishers. This is what we do at Fractl, because it’s a tried-and-true way to elevate organic growth: Over the years, […]