Core Web Vitals: The Next Official Google Ranking Factor – Whiteboard Friday

There’s a new ranking factor in town: Core Web Vitals. Expected in 2021, this Google-announced algorithm change has a few details you should be aware of. Cyrus Shepard dives in this week on Whiteboard Friday. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! […]

SEO Negotiation: How to Ace the Business Side of SEO — Best of Whiteboard Friday

SEO has become more important than ever, but it isn’t all meta tags and content. A huge part of the success you’ll see is tied up in the inevitable business negotiations. In this helpful Whiteboard Friday from August of 2018, our resident expert Britney Muller walks us through a bevy of smart […]

The Nuclear City Lost Under Ice | Camp Century

Hidden beneath Greenland’s ice and powered by a nuclear reactor, Camp Century made for an interesting US military base. But life under the ice came with unique struggles; and although it wasn’t mainly constructed for science, the base also paved the way for important discoveries about the history of Earth’s […]