Digital Marketing News: Content Pet Peeves, Facebook’s New Look, Personalization With AI & More

What’s Most Annoying About Brand Content? Consumers Weigh In Adobe’s* 2019 Brand Content Survey asked 1,000 consumers what they found the most annoying in brand content. The results showed that wordy content or poorly written content takes the cake with 39% of the vote. It’s also important to note that […]

Less Is More: Time to Cut Content Bloat & Create Content Connections

When it comes to the craft of writing, my favorite luminary is the late William Zinsser. His book, On Writing Well, is — in my opinion — the definitive work covering its stated subject. On Writing Well is an essential read for anyone who wants to elevate their prose. Zinsser’s […]

Transcript of Why All Business Owners Should Become Authors

Back to Podcast John Jantsch: Choosing the right domain name is critical to ensuring the success of your small business, but it’s got a little harder. But now you can choose a .us domain to help your business stand out, reserve your .us web address today, go to and […]

Why All Business Owners Should Become Authors

Marketing Podcast with Dan JanalPodcast Transcript Today’s guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is author, speaker, and book coach Dan Janal. He is an expert in internet marketing and publicity, and wrote one of the first books on the subject more than 25 years ago. He has written 13 […]

El servicio de música streaming de YouTube pierde frente a sus más grandes competidores

YouTube puede ser el rey del vídeo en línea, pero su servicio de transmisión de música por suscripción, YouTube Music, está muy por detrás de sus mayores competidores. Según un informe de Bloomberg, Google actualmente posee 15 millones de suscriptores de pago (número que incluye a usuarios de pruebas gratuitas) […]