What’s Missing In Your B2B Marketing Strategy? 5 Key Elements You Don’t Want to Overlook

A car engine without a water pump. A baseball team without a shortstop. A guitar without a D string. All it takes is one missing piece to prevent something from working as it should. Your B2B marketing strategy might excel in certain areas, but a single overlooked element can cause […]

Facebook adquiere la startup israelí Servicefriend

Mientras se prepara para el lanzamiento de su nueva criptomoneda “Libra” en 2020, el gigante Facebook adquirió una startup israelí denominada Servicefriend según informo el periódico financiero TheMarker. Servicefriend fue fundado por Shahar Ben Ami e Ido Arad en 2015 y básicamente se encarga del desarrollo de bots que permiten […]

New Opportunities for Image SEO: How to Leverage Machine Vision for Strategic Wins

Image search results used to give you the option to “view image” without having to navigate to the site the image was hosted on. When it started in 2013, sites saw a 63% decline in organic traffic from image results. Why? Because there was no need to click through when […]