Let’s code a Forum App in 5 minutes – HTML, CSS, JavaScript tutorial

THE RETURN OF CODE DRIP. Please like this video if you want more. Could you follow along? If not, here’s the code https://github.com/aj-4/5m-forum Sign up for my freelance developer bootcamp:// https://freemote.com Learn JavaScript Web Scraping, or Interview Prep from me: https://learn.javascriptwebscraping.com https://learn.interviewespresso.com My social media: https://instagram.com/aaronjack #html #css #javascript Powered […]

December Check In – #50Projects50Days, 2021 Roadmap, Health Update

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MOST INSPIRING: Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH ) Compelling Speech 2020 | Andy Cole

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Build A Voice Recognition Ecommerce App With Alan AI

šŸšØ IMPORTANT: Alan AI: https://voice.alan.app/WebDevSimplified Promo Code: WEBDEVSIMPLIFIED Voice integration is the future of the web. It enables applications to be accessible to everyone and is very mobile friendly. In this video I show you how you can integrate Alan AI into your own applications incredibly easily. šŸ“š Materials/References: Starting […]