Este diseñador ha creado una colección de accesorios para mejorar algunos productos de IKEA

La mayoría de los productos de IKEA son muy cómodos y funcionales, pero como todo en la vida, hay algunos que son mejorables. El diseñador industrial residente en Budapest Adam Miklosi se dio cuenta de ello y por eso ha creado una colección de accesorios impresos en 3D para mejorar […]

Five Can’t-Miss Sessions from Virtual Pubcon 2020

The one silver lining in our current reality is the “virtual event.” Sure, we’re all stuck at home, but at least we can have several entire marketing conferences beamed directly to our laptops.  Granted, there’s a distinct lack of cocktails and networking opportunities. You have to supply your own drinks […]

B2B Marketing News: B2B Marketers Face Rising Content Demands, Google’s Mobile Voice Assistant, Performance Marketing Budgets Grow, & The Hyper-Relevant Ad Balancing Act

B2B marketers are struggling to produce enough content amid the pandemic 35 percent of B2B marketers have trouble producing the content needed to reach and engage audiences, while 68 percent are confident with their approach to content marketing, and only some 8 percent said they were able to attribute return […]

How to Use Hashtags on YouTube

Hashtags for YouTube have evolved over the past several years. It’s now easier for content creators to classify their videos and make them more discoverable, and it’s simpler for viewers to find the content they want. We’re going to explore what hashtags for YouTube are, why you should use them, […]

How to Use Promoted Videos to Generate More E-commerce Sales

Organic and promoted videos serve multiple purposes for consumers in their increasingly multi-channel B2C journey. More than half of the participants said they switched between search and video channels (Google and YouTube) to make an informed decision about a purchase in a YouTube study. But it’s not just YouTube—Instagram’s video content […]