The Smartest Ways to Start Investing in the New Sports Card Market

As sports cards and trading cards, in general, continue to rise in popularity, the "rules" and strategies the hobbyist have grown accustomed to are going the drastically change. With the wave of new demand that these buyers are bringing, certain cards that were once considered worthless could end up sky-rocketing […]

5 Refreshing Examples of Imaginative B2B Marketing To Inspire You in 2021

What will it take in 2021 for B2B marketers to break through the mundane and reach the sublime? Post-pandemic success isn’t likely to come for those who settle for the same old B2B marketing efforts, even if some do have a lengthy track-record. Looking ahead to an as-yet unknown new […]

10 Wise Quotes To Inspire Your Influencer Marketing

What will successful B2B influencer marketing look like in a post-pandemic world, and what can marketers do today to be ready? Here are 10 quotes from some of the best in the B2B influencer marketing business to inspire your marketing today and to prepare for the eventual post-pandemic landscape. 1 […]

KFC pone en pausa su eslogan «Para chuparse los dedos» por ser inapropiado en tiempos del COVID-19

Hace ya mucho tiempo desde que KFC presentó su famoso eslogan «It’s finger lickin’ good» (que podríamos traducir como «Está para chuparse los dedos» en español), aunque la marca ha dejado de usarlo silenciosamente durante los últimos meses debido a la situación que estamos viviendo. Este lema ha estado presente […]

Marketing Lessons from Lockdown: What My 3-year-old Has Taught Me

“Our children can be our greatest teachers if we are humble enough to receive their lessons.” Wise words from author Bryant McGill. These last few months of lockdown, while challenging, have brought forth some very inspiring lessons from my almost 3 year old that I hope can inspire you: His […]