How To Use Frontity To Create A Headless WordPress Theme With React

­čÜĘ IMPORTANT: Checkout Frontity: Frontity is an incredible tool for creating headless WordPress sites using React. It takes all the pain of dealing with PHP and WordPress directly and wraps it up into a nice and easy to use container. In this video I will show you how to […]

Is Freelance Right For You?

­čÜĘ IMPORTANT: Complete Freelance Bundle Course: Get 20% Off With Code WDS20 Freelancing is many people’s dream job. It gives you tons of freedom that you cannot get at a normal job and is much more obtainable than starting your own business. Unfortunately, freelancing isn’t as glorious as many […]

Neural Networks & TensorfFlow Crash Course

In this 2+ hour crash course, we will dive into neural networks and the TensorFlow Python library Tech With Tim YouTube: There are text based tutorials for each part of this video. You can find them all here: Python Neural Networks Tensorflow install: pip install -q tensorflow==2.0.0-alpha0 Tensorflow Guides […]