Build a Blog With Next.js & Ghost

In this video we will build a simple server-side rendered blog with Next.js and the Ghost CMS for the backend. Codedamn YouTube Channel: Codedamn Platform: Code: TimeStamps: 00:00 Introduction and overview 00:46 Project Intro 02:48 Setting up Next.js 07:57 Setting up Ghost CMS 13:33 Content API Overview […]

Build a Gym Website Using The Tailwind Starter Kit

We will use the Tailwind CSS Starter Kit and modify it into a gym website. You will learn about Tailwind CSS utility classes. We will also implement the AOS (Animation on Scroll) library for animation Code (Get Images there): Creative Tim Starter Kit: AOS Library: My Tailwind CSS […]

The Craziest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: The Ocean Walker

Join this channel to get access to perks: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS For the full Interview – *out soon, subscribe so you don’t miss* Behind the scenes – ====================================================== Special thanks to Adam Ocean Walker Website – Youtube – Instagram – Facebook […]

Esta cerveza aumenta de precio a medida que se destruye la selva del Amazonas

Cervecería Colorado es una de las primeras cerveceras artesanales de Brasil. Fundada en 1996, desde sus inicios siempre ha usado ingredientes típicos brasileños en sus recetas. Con motivo del Día del Amazonas, celebrado el pasado 5 de septiembre, esta marca decidió lanzar un interesante proyecto: una variedad de cerveza que […]