Build Minesweeper with JavaScript

Build Minesweeper with JavaScript

We are going to build the Minesweeper game functionality with vanilla JavaScript using recursion

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0:00 – Brad’s Intro
0:50 – Ania’s Intro
1:11 – Recursion explainer
04:06 – Setting up our HTML
04:10 – Styling our Grid in CSS
07:20 – Setting up our JavaScript usng the DOM EventListener
08:47 – Creating our Board using .createElement() and .appendChild()
16:57 – Adding numbers to the board using Modulus and .contains()
25:21 – Checking what is under a Square usng .getAttribute() .innerHTML and .add()
31:33 – Checking neighbouring squares using recursion and setTimeout
42:56 – Adding flags to squares with a left click
44:46 – Checking for wins

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