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Simple tips and tricks to make your life easier Alright, girls, time to stop the everyday problems we encounter in our beauty routine. In this video, we’re sharing some awesome hacks and ideas that will help you become more creative and inventive in your life. We give you some ideas […]

How To Create Backlinks In 2020 | How To Create Backlinks To Your Website |SEO Strategy |Simplilearn

This video will help every individual undertsand how to create backlinks in 2020. In this video, we will learn the importance of links, list of different types of link and their functions, why links are important than other factors, what is block-level analysis, and finally we will look into the […]

Top Things To Know Now About SEO In 2020 | SEO Tools 2020 | SEO Changes In 2020 | Simplilearn

With the acceleration of Digital Transformation during the pandemic, digital marketing has become more important than ever. As a digital marketer, you need to keep on top of the latest developments in SEO – especially as search providers continually change their platforms. Here are the most important things for you […]

Map Reduce Concept With Simple Example | What Is MapReduce? | MapReduce Tutorial | Simplilearn

MapReduce is a critical component of Hadoop. This video will help you understand how MapReduce performs parallel processing of data. You will learn how MapReduce works with the help of two examples. The first example is regarding an online music website where users listen to various tracks. You will find […]