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React App – Breaking Bad API

In this project we will use React and the breaking bad api to create a small app to show and filter the character info Code: Docs: 💖 Become a Patron: Show support & get perks! Website & Udemy Course Links: Follow Traversy Media: Tweets by traversymedia […]

A World Within Our World: Hang Sơn Đoòng | Weird Places

Go to to try out Brilliant’s Daily Challenges. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription. Hang Sơn Đoòng in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park is the largest known cave in the world, big enough to have its own jungles, weather, and… pearls? Hosted by: Olivia […]

4 Ways to Date an Archaeological Site

From wasps nests to nuclear reactors. Here are just a few clever ways archeologists figure out how old something is. Hosted by: Olivia Gordon SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ———- Huge […]