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Alicia Keys Watches Fan Covers on YouTube | Glamour

On this episode of “You Sang My Song,” Alicia Keys watches fan covers of her songs on YouTube. She listens to covers of “Fallin’,” “Girl On Fire,” “Underdog,” “You Don’t Know My Name,” and a special mash up of “No One,” “I’m Ready,” and “Unbreakable.” Alicia shares her admiration for […]

101 Core Korean Words — Basic Korean Words You Need to Learn First

Did you know you can understand about 50% of all Korean by learning the 100 most common Korean words? That’s right! The 100 basic Korean words are so common, they make up around half of spoken and written Korean. It’s just a matter of learning the right words first! And […]

Funko Pop coleccionables de Nintendo: el regalo perfecto

[En Colaboración con Frikily] Funko Pop es una de las marcas de muñecos coleccionables más importantes en la actualidad. Desde sus orígenes ha apostado por la nostalgia, mediante licencias oficiales de clásicos de la televisión, del cine y del mundo de los videojuegos. Muchos de los seguidores de estos muñecos […]

Will Vendor Lock In Destroy Your Projects?

🚨 IMPORTANT: Auth0 YouTube Channel: Auth0 Next.js Series: Vendor lock in is something that everyone complains about. I can’t browse Stack Overflow without seeing questions from someone using a vendor like Firebase or Auth0 and all the answers are people telling them vendor lock in is terrible and […]

Learn CSS Animation In 15 Minutes

🚨 IMPORTANT: Free CSS Selector Cheat Sheet: Learn CSS Today Course: CSS animations are complex. There are so many properties to control an animation and on top of that there are two different ways to write animations in CSS. In this video I will be walking through both […]