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Unas gráficas “lluviosas” para promocionar el servicio a domicilio de McDonald’s en Francia

¿Hay algo que dé más pereza que salir a comprar algo para comer cuando el clima no acompaña? Esto lo saben muy bien en McDonald’s, que ha plasmado en estas bonitas gráficas publicitarias esos momentos en los que es mejor pedir comida a domicilio que salir a buscarla tú mismo. […]

Great B2B Content Isn’t Great if No One Sees It: Here’s a Solution

If you want B2B content to be great, across channels you must integrate. In B2B marketing, the expression “great content” should mean relevant, useful and maybe even inspiring information that connects with the intended reader. The problem is, even when business content fires on all of those cylinders it falls […]

How to Prepare for a Brand Crisis

Marketing Podcast with Melissa AgnesPodcast Transcript Our guest on today’s podcast is Melissa Agnes, an expert on crisis management and brand reputation and protection. As an advisor, she has worked with companies and organizations across industries like healthcare, finance, technology, and the non-profit world including NATO, Merck, Hilton, the YMCA, and […]