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¿Han encontrado un envase de yogur en el cuadro “La Lechera”? Un vídeo para reflexionar en el #DíaMundialDelReciclaje

El descubrimiento de un envase de yogur (o algo que se le parece mucho) en el conocido cuadro “La Lechera” del siglo XVII está causando estragos. Al menos, eso es lo que afirman los investigadores que aparecen en este divertido vídeo en el que explican el increíble hallazgo que han […]

Digital Marketing News: Google Ad Auction Changes, Instagram’s Chronological Likes, & 3 New Marketing Studies

Google shares details on how first price auctions in Google Ad Manager will workDisplay and video ads sold with Google Ad Manager, Google’s ad server and publisher exchange, will get additional auction functionality aimed at removing Google’s “last look” outbidding advantage, while also bringing new minimum pricing strategies and rules, […]

Content Curation Inspiration: Types, Examples, & Use Cases for B2B Marketers

If you create and share content, curation is part of your B2B marketing strategy. From seasoning a blog post with key third-party statistics to sharing an interesting article from an industry publication or influencer across your social channels, you’re curating. But content curation has a place beyond adding an insight […]