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The Single Best Way To Start A Sales Conversation with Any Prospect

Having Trouble With Closing Prospects? Learn The Single Best Way To Start A Sales Conversation With Any Prospect. Want To Deepen Your Sales Knowledge? Watch The Free Masterclass Today: Closing a prospect isn‘t always an easy ride. Dan Lok learned that first hand in his days as a copywriter. […]

7 Public Speaking Tips to Hook Any Audience

How Can You Become An Excellent Public Speaker Who Hooks Any Audience? Start With Dan Lok’s 7 Public Speaking Tips. To Deepen Your Skills, Check Out The Public Speaking Secrets Online Training: Dan Lok was an opening speaker at TedX Stanley Park. Being an opening speaker is especially challenging, […]

Watch These 57 Minutes if You Started a Social Media Brand in 2020

The world changed a lot because of 2020. People have become more comfortable with things like online shopping, content creation, and personal branding much quicker than they would have had 2020 not been the year it was. With the rapid change in human behavior comes a need for businesses and […]

How to End the Year Strong (End of Year Checklist for Freelancers)

Sharing my end of year checklist for freelancers, from updating your website to preparing your financials. Thanks to Found for sponsoring today’s video! Get started today: More questions about self-employment tax or business expenses? Check out Found Guides: My experience with freelance taxes: FREE social media manager […]