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Los dos últimos videoclips de Selena Gómez son “anuncios” del iPhone 11 Pro

¿Cómo podía Apple demostrar que la cámara de su iPhone 11 Pro tiene una calidad realmente buena? Consiguiendo que un artista de ámbito internacional grabe un videoclip utilizando su smartphone. ¿Y quién ha sido la afortunada? Pues la afortunada ha sido Selena Gómez, quien ha presentado en los últimos días […]

Digital Marketing News: Snapchat Growth Booms, Facebook Usage Falls, B2B Buyers Seek Greater Loyalty, Podcast Ads Succeed

Report: Facebook usage drops a stunning 26% since 2017Facebook usage has dropped 26 percent since 2017, according to newly-released report data, also showing that the social media giant’s monthly usage average fell from 14 hours to 9 among U.S. users. Fast Company [embedded content] IAB: First-half 2019 online ad spending […]

10 Tips From Influencer Marketing’s Hidden 1,000-Year History

When it comes to influencer marketing, we usually think of it as a fairly recent or even cutting-edge innovation. However, when you consider what’s at its heart, influencer marketing’s roots date back well over 1,000 years. The way successful professionals practice influencer marketing is undoubtedly innovative and thoroughly modern, yet […]

Gretchen Rubin Interviews John Jantsch – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

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