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Cómo los profesionales de marketing lideran la transformación empresarial

Infografía ofrecida por Wrike – Herramienta Gestión Proyectos Cómo los profesionales de marketing lideran la transformación empresarial por Hernan Cabrera para Codigo GeekPermalink | Comentar | Add to Post tags: herramienta gestión proyectos, infografia, Productividad, wrike Powered by WPeMatico

Operadores de telefonía europeos compartirán datos de localización para evitar la propagación del coronavirus

Más gobiernos confían en el seguimiento de la ubicación del teléfono en un intento por rastrear y contener la propagación de COVID-19. Ocho operadores europeos, incluidos Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Orange y Vodafone, acordaron compartir los datos de ubicación de los teléfonos con la Comisión Europea para ayudar a medir el […]

Operating During COVID-19: Helpful Tips for Local Businesses

Local businesses know better than any other model what it means to fully participate in community life. You are the good neighbors who are there to serve, inspire, and sustain the people and traditions that make your town a unique and enjoyable place to call home. As we explore this […]

Generating Local Content at Scale – Whiteboard Friday

Building local pages in any amount can be a painful task. It’s hard to strike the right mix of on-topic content, expertise, and location, and the temptation to take shortcuts has always been tempered by the fact that good, unique content is almost impossible to scale. In this week’s edition of […]

Help Your Community from Six Feet Away: Non-Marketing Tips from Mozzers

For the last few weeks, you’ve probably experienced an influx of emails from companies detailing how COVID-19 is affecting them and thus you, their customer. It’s… a lot, isn’t it? So today, we want to take a departure from the world of “how this affects us” and focus instead on […]