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Should B2B Marketers Embrace Ephemeral Content?

One great thing about being a young Gen X’er: There was no social media during my junior high and high school years.  Young millennials weren’t so lucky. They chronicled their adolescence in excruciating detail on Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, every half-formed thought and laundry-detergent-eating stunt preserved forever. So it’s […]

13 Ways B2B Influencer Marketing Offers Brands an Ideal Alternative to the Benefits of Physical Events

B2B influencer marketing is an ideal way for brands to drive digital conversations during the global health crisis, and we have 13 ways influencers can virtually deliver many of the benefits that have been lost due to postponed or cancelled real-world events. With 45 percent of consumers spending more time […]

Disney+ está preparando el lanzamiento de una nueva docuserie The Mandalorian

Si has estado esperando ansiosamente la segunda temporada de The Mandalorian, te alegrará saber que Disney + está trabajando en una nueva docuseries detrás de escena sobre el espectáculo. La serie de ocho episodios, titulada Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, incluirá entrevistas con el elenco y el equipo, imágenes nunca antes […]

Announcing: The Keyword Research Master Guide [New for 2020]

Why a new guide? Often in SEO, we get so preoccupied with technical SEO (pagination, site speed, the latest Python course, etc.) that we forget the basis of winning SEO begins and ends with keywords. Not choosing keywords before you start with SEO means shooting in the dark — a […]